New Year Summer – Notte Rosa 2016 Riccione

New Year Summer – Notte Rosa 2016 Riccione

The Notte Rosa is the largest summer festival, where the Adriatic Coast and the Marche turn pink for the duration of the first weekend of July.

The 170 kilometers of the Adriatic coast will offer concerts, theatrical performances, exhibitions, shows and so many scenographies.

Each city will interpret the theme in a creative and unique to give the audience a night to remember.

The color pink was chosen because it presents the Riviera as a place where it is still a strong sense of belonging and where can you find great hospitality.

The Pink Night is a unique event, impossible to find anywhere else: the incoming tourism group and the hospitality is combined to offer a night to remember and to give to the tourists the true Riviera: energetic, dynamic and alive.

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